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Autonomous agents and multiagent systems are computational systems in which several (semi-)autonomous agents interact each other or work together to perform some set of tasks or satisfy some set of goals. These systems may involve computational agents that are homogeneous or heterogeneous, they may involve activities on the part of agents having common goals or distinct goals, and they may involve participation on the part of humans and intelligent agents.

PRIMA is Pacific Rim conference related to autonomous agents and multiagent systems. Though we already have several workshops/conferences in Pacific Rim countries, such as MACC (Multiagent Systems and Cooperative Computation) in Japan from 1991, and Australian Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence from 1995, there is less interaction so far among the countries compared to Europe and Americas.

The aim of this conference is to encourage activities in this field, and to bring together Pacific Rim researchers with agents and multiagent issues. Unlike usual conferences, this conference will mainly discuss and explore scientific and practical problems as raised by the participants. Participation is thus by invitation only and is limited to professionals who have made significant contributions to the topics of the conference. The contributions may include technical presentations, progress reports and so on. In order to activate and unite agent research communities in Pacific Rim countries, the conference should also include discussions for future collaboration: how the next meeting should be organized.



PRIMA is the leading scientific conference for research on intelligent agent systems and multi-agent systems, attracting high quality, state-of-the-art research from all over the world. The conference endeavors to bring together researchers, developers, and academic and industry leaders, active and interested in agents and multi-agent systems, their practices and related areas. The conference is specifically focused on becoming the premier forum for prototype and deployed agent systems. The conference offers an exceptional opportunity for presentation of original work, technological advances, practical problems and concerns of the research community.

PRIMA2009 will build on the success of its predecessor workshops and conferences held in Hanoi, Bangkok, Guilin, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Melbourne, Kyoto, and Singapore. Since 2007, due to the need for an additional high-quality forum for international researchers and practitioners to meet and share their work, the meeting has been expanded from a workshop to a full-fledged conference.

Agent computing and technology is an exciting, emerging paradigm expected to play a key role in many society-changing practices from disaster response to manufacturing to agriculture. Agent and multi-agent researchers are focused on building working systems that bring together a broad range of technical areas from market theory to software engineering to user interfaces. Agent systems are expected to operate in real-world environments, with all the challenges complex environments present. PRIMA particularly encourages reports on development of prototype and deployed agent and multiagent systems and experiments that demonstrate the capability of agents to handle real-world challenges.

Papers addressing methodological or theoretical aspects or particular aspects of agent development are also encouraged. A broad range of topics are of interest but all papers should clearly identify how the contribution brings the promise of practical multi-agent systems closer and identify their scientific and/or technical contributions to the PRIMA community.

The conference will be located in Nagoya, at the center of Japan (West of Tokyo, 2 hours, E of Osaka, 1.5 hours, and E of Kyoto 1 hours by express train). Nagoya has a castle originally built by the first Tokugawa shogun, as well as one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines, Atsuta shrine. The conference site, Nagoya Congress Center, is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful congress sites in Japan.



Top 10 Internet security systems

The proper choice of system security of Internet for your computer can be the difference between keeping your computer and information safe staff and have a virus on your computer that can make you lose your private information because hackers. With the help of a list of the top 10 Internet security systems, you will be able to keep your computer and your personal information safe while browsing the Internet and maybe you can find entry level cyber security jobs.

The version of F-Secure Internet Security Suite 2010 provides users with an updated interface that makes the software easy to use. F-Secure software comes with an antivirus and an integrated approach to potential threats to block outgoing and incoming firewall program.

Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security 2010 has won awards for Editor’s Choice PC Magazine for its speed, detection capability and all based on excellence. This software is often preinstalled on new computers as a free trial from 30 to 60 days so that users can decide whether they want to use it.

AVG Internet Security 9 conveniently offers antivirus, anti-malware and firewall components in one package. This makes it the perfect place for a full defense of your team against online attackers software.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 provides components antivirus and anti-spam, along with the “sandbox” mode that allows you to run safely suspicious files without danger of damaging the operating system. All these components mean that the program consumes more system resources compared to other high security systems Internet, but it is still an excellent choice.

While Avira has had some problems with errors and user interface with Avira Premium Security Suite 9, still provides good protection against viruses and malware. It also has a rescue CD as a free download so you can clean your system, even if you can not start it again.

The antivirus Avast! He has earned high marks from Consumer Reports and has features real-time scanning instant messaging along with standard antivirus, anti-malware components and firewall. A feature of Avast! unlike other antivirus programs it is that it has the “lockbox” where you can store important files, keeping them immune to virus infection elsewhere in the system.

In addition to a firewall, antivirus and anti-spam protection, ZoneAlarm Extreme also offers parental controls for your computer, along with a disk encryption tool. The large number of features in this program means that occupies much more memory than other security systems, but is a great choice if you do not want to buy each of these components separately.

McAfee Total Protection 2009 is often included pre-installed on new computers with virus protection features and malware. While it performs well in detecting threats, you can make the system run slowly due to the amount of memory used.

The ESET Smart Security System offers components antivirus, anti-spam and anti-malware combined with a strong firewall to help keep out intruders. It also consumes very little system resources, a great help for people who run several programs at once or like to play high-performance games.

Consumer Reports and PC World have given BitDefender a high ranking thanks to the high rate of detection program and its ease of use. Although you can perform real-time analysis and analyze files and instant messages, this program does not include an integrated firewall.

Top 5 Web design software for your site

The software development web design has evolved in conjunction with SEO positioning strategies, converging aesthetics and functionality to offer users the best portals. It is for that reason that today you can find different programs to create virtual sites compatible with various applications and comfort of the creators of pages.

Therefore, if you create a website and want to be positioned optimally, you mention the best design software that you can use.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

This is undoubtedly the most complete and functional web editor, since it allows you to create a web design for the desktop version that is compatible with mobile devices. In addition, it is easy to use, contains all the tools used to create portals and allows you to visualize a preview of your creation, before you finish completely.

2. Google Sites

If you are a beginner in the world of SEO expert or consultant, to consult experts are likely to recommend you Google Sites for web design of your site. This alternative, although not the most complete, is one of the easiest to use and allows you to integrate the site with other Google services, including Adsense ads.

3. WebEasy Professional 8

Another easy alternative to use and functional is WebEasy Professional 8. In fact, the software development of this program is very comprehensive, as offers more than 600 templates to start creating your website and not have to start from scratch.

4. MAGIX Web Designer MX

This alternative is more suitable for expert website owners, because their functions require intermediate and advanced knowledge to make a complete web design. Therefore, if you already have created portals before, you can take advantage of this program, with which you can add graphics, using templates and have the components you like.

5. WebSite X5 Evolution 9

Finally, you can use this software if you want to create a website that looks professional, so it is ideal for enterprise portals.It can be used by beginners and has templates to start the web design of your page as soon as possible.

Most of these alternatives are paid, but you can also choose software free design . The important thing is that you start creating your site as soon as possible, so that you create a strategy for this ideal web positioning.

Intelligent electronic cigarette: know the Smartphone that their owners can smoke

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

A hybrid between a smartphone and an electronic cigarette, so here are the best electronic cigarette 2016 Jupiter IO 3, a team created by Vaporcade which allows users to receive phone calls and inhale the steam expels the phone, the taste depends on the cartridge that you have built, which they vary between mint, coffee and peach.

This team, certified by the US Federal Communications Commission, has Android 4.4 operating system, plus an application that indicates the amount of battery and liquid remaining in the cartridge, the taste of it and how many inhalations were performed.

Jupiter IO 3 has a price of $ 299 and each cartridge is valued at $ 15.

The electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than conventional snuff according to a studyconducted by the Public Health England (PHE), which said that in the future could prescribe this device as an alternative to nicotine patches to help people to quit smoking.

The author of the report, Ann McNeill, believe that the use of these vaporizers would be “a revolution” to public health.

In England , 80,000 people die annually due to consumption of snuff, if all smokers employ electronic cigarettes, would reduce that number to 4,000 deaths , ” he said, while urged physicians to recommend vaporizers who want to quit smoke.