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Autonomous agents and multiagent systems are computational systems in which several (semi-)autonomous agents interact each other or work together to perform some set of tasks or satisfy some set of goals. These systems may involve computational agents that are homogeneous or heterogeneous, they may involve activities on the part of agents having common goals or distinct goals, and they may involve participation on the part of humans and intelligent agents.

PRIMA is Pacific Rim conference related to autonomous agents and multiagent systems. Though we already have several workshops/conferences in Pacific Rim countries, such as MACC (Multiagent Systems and Cooperative Computation) in Japan from 1991, and Australian Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence from 1995, there is less interaction so far among the countries compared to Europe and Americas.

The aim of this conference is to encourage activities in this field, and to bring together Pacific Rim researchers with agents and multiagent issues. Unlike usual conferences, this conference will mainly discuss and explore scientific and practical problems as raised by the participants. Participation is thus by invitation only and is limited to professionals who have made significant contributions to the topics of the conference. The contributions may include technical presentations, progress reports and so on. In order to activate and unite agent research communities in Pacific Rim countries, the conference should also include discussions for future collaboration: how the next meeting should be organized.



PRIMA is the leading scientific conference for research on intelligent agent systems and multi-agent systems, attracting high quality, state-of-the-art research from all over the world. The conference endeavors to bring together researchers, developers, and academic and industry leaders, active and interested in agents and multi-agent systems, their practices and related areas. The conference is specifically focused on becoming the premier forum for prototype and deployed agent systems. The conference offers an exceptional opportunity for presentation of original work, technological advances, practical problems and concerns of the research community.

PRIMA2009 will build on the success of its predecessor workshops and conferences held in Hanoi, Bangkok, Guilin, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Melbourne, Kyoto, and Singapore. Since 2007, due to the need for an additional high-quality forum for international researchers and practitioners to meet and share their work, the meeting has been expanded from a workshop to a full-fledged conference.

Agent computing and technology is an exciting, emerging paradigm expected to play a key role in many society-changing practices from disaster response to manufacturing to agriculture. Agent and multi-agent researchers are focused on building working systems that bring together a broad range of technical areas from market theory to software engineering to user interfaces. Agent systems are expected to operate in real-world environments, with all the challenges complex environments present. PRIMA particularly encourages reports on development of prototype and deployed agent and multiagent systems and experiments that demonstrate the capability of agents to handle real-world challenges.

Papers addressing methodological or theoretical aspects or particular aspects of agent development are also encouraged. A broad range of topics are of interest but all papers should clearly identify how the contribution brings the promise of practical multi-agent systems closer and identify their scientific and/or technical contributions to the PRIMA community.

The conference will be located in Nagoya, at the center of Japan (West of Tokyo, 2 hours, E of Osaka, 1.5 hours, and E of Kyoto 1 hours by express train). Nagoya has a castle originally built by the first Tokugawa shogun, as well as one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines, Atsuta shrine. The conference site, Nagoya Congress Center, is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful congress sites in Japan.




Blackberry was renewed with a new Operating System oriented tactile use and multitasking. Discover all its novelties with the new mobile phones that accompany it.

Blackberry 10 had been playing for some time in the media and offering information in a dropper, but finally the day came when the RIM conference clarified the whole picture, showing news of the new platform and announcing two new smartphones. Let’s start

Blackberry 10: the rebirth of the company

A true evolution and change is what RIM was looking for (now called Blackberry) with BB10. How do you get it? With a new hub, an improved keyboard and an intuitive use of touch gestures. You can move from one screen to another of the system just by moving your fingers from one side of the screen to the other, in a very fluid way. Let’s see the main characteristics.

Blackberry Hub

Blackberry Hub, with notifications of facebook, twitter and emails.

The first big news is the “Blackberry Hub”, an accessible area with just dragging your finger from left to right, and that shows the messages of Blackberry Messenger, email and social networks. Everything is integrated in the same place . You can also access individually the social profile of the different contacts.

This is more convenient for the user, since it avoids changing applications. And you can access it from any application without having to close it, of course.

The best keyboard

The keyboard improved with your suggestions.

PGP Blackberry did not skimp on compliments to its new keyboard system , which they rated as the best to date. Use predictive text and learn the words that we usually use and then suggest them, saving time when writing. Some details:

You can write everything without spaces and then the system will put them for you. There is a new tactile gesture to erase, moving the finger to the left.

Blackberry Messenger evolves

The popular messaging system now supports video calls . In the demonstration he moved with ease, although without being perfect. You can share photos and presentations or screenshots, as for professional use.

Other news

To which we commented before are added several new features:

– Two profiles: Now there is a job profile and another professional, which avoids the need to have two phones. This protects corporate data, which is usually very sensitive. The available applications also vary.

– Peek function: An LED lights up when a message is received, and you can read it without leaving the application.

– New feature called “Remember”: to make notes and attach files to any information, such as emails.

– Improved camera: that allows a burst mode. It has dedicated applications to edit photos (Pictures) and create videos (Story Maker).

– Great support from developers: 70,000 apps available at launch.

– New store: called “Blackberry world” integrates apps, music and videos in one place.

– Blackberry Flow: A complete tactile orientation and multitasking. The back and forward buttons are no longer present, everything is handled by gestures on the screen, passing through the applications in a fluid way.

The new mobiles:

Blackberry Z10 (left) and Q10 (right).

Two new phones were presented at the conference. On one side is the top of the range called Z10 , with a 4.2-inch screen and 1280 x 768 resolution. Its 8 MP rear camera can record 1080p video, and reaches 10 hours of autonomy. The internal capacity is 16 GB, but can be extended with micro SD card.

The other representative is the smaller Q10 , which incorporates a physical keyboard for the many who still use them. AMOLED 3.1-inch screen with 720 x 720 resolution, which can be a bit small for touch gestures. Power comes in handy: a dual-core processor at 1.2 Ghz and 2GB of RAM.

The terminals will be on sale next month , although we do not have dates or prices for Spain. If we know that the Z10 will go tomorrow in the United Kingdom at a price close to 200 dollars according to the operator.

Do you think Blackberry made a good change? We are happy that little by little it is up to the best in the sector.

BlackBerry Be Mobile Conference focuses on mobile security in Latin America

The second edition of this annual event will bring together academics and leaders from the mobile industry who will talk about emerging trends

PGP Blackberry today opens the second edition of the Be Mobile conference for the Latin American press. The event will focus on the issue of mobile security and how current and future security trends are impacting government agencies, businesses and people around the world.

“BlackBerry is the biggest reference in mobile communications security,” said Jorge Aguiar, Regional Director of BlackBerry for Latin America. In a context in which mobile security is becoming increasingly important, the relevance of BlackBerry mobile business solutions, unique in the market, increases even more. This edition of the Be Mobile conference will offer invaluable information about mobile security trends that companies and the more than 500 government agencies that make up our large customer base throughout Latin America can not miss. ”

The Be Mobile 2014 conference is a two-day event dedicated to the press, which will include talks by internationally renowned experts, interactive presentations and live demonstrations of BlackBerry’s advanced business mobility solutions, and debates and panel discussions on trends. of mobile security.

At you will  find the complete Be Mobile programming. Among the invited lecturers will be the following:

Bruce Schneier:  Expert in internationally recognized safety technology; The Economist  has called him a “security guru”. He wrote 12 books, including  Liars and Outliers:  Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive , and hundreds of articles, essays and research papers. More than 250,000 people read their electronic bulletin  Crypto-Gram  and their blog  Schneier on Security , both very influential.

Jeff Holleran : As Senior Director of Enterprise Product Strategy at BlackBerry, Jeff Holleran is responsible for the development of product strategies and the roadmap of BlackBerry enterprise software offerings. After joining the BlackBerry team in November 2001, Holleran has held leadership positions in product management, solution development and technical sales units.

Andrew Lippman:  Lippman is one of the founders of the world-famous MIT Media Lab and one of the leading international researchers on the evolution and impact of media and technology in business, society and everyday life.

John Sileo:  CEO of The Sileo Group, a group of privacy and security experts that helps organizations protect the data that drives their profits. He has collaborated with the Pentagon,  USA Today , Blue Cross, the FDIC, Pfizer, the 60 Minutes program  , the US Department of Homeland Security. UU and organizations of all sizes.

Jay Gumbiner: He  is in charge of IDC’s research division for Latin America, a task in which he manages various teams of hardware, software and distributed services analysts in the region, which provide analysis of more than twelve Latin American countries through studies. quarterly, semi-annual and annual. These services provide detailed predictions about the main corporate and consumer markets of the region.

Alejandra Baigorria showed her underwear at a press conference

Alejandra Baigorria unintentionally showed her underwear while announcing details of her circus.

Sometimes tiny clothes can play tricks on us. Apparently,Alejandra Baigorria is one of the women who always prefers to wear sexy underwear.

Alejandra Baigorria unintentionally showed her underwear while announcing her circus with Mario Hart.

Alejandra Baigorria surprised his followers after the magazine Magaly TeVe showed some intimate photos of the model, where he sees more of the account.

Combat: Alejandra Baigorria gets upset with Pancho Rodríguez and leaves set

Last July 17, when  Alejandra Baigorria announced details of her circus with Mario Hart, who now goes out with Leslie Shaw, she unintentionally showed her underwear at a press conference.

Alejandra Baigorria goes out of control and kicks a door after a fight with Xoana González [VIDEO]

“Look at that python that appears around her waist. How sexy! “Points out the publication of Magaly Medina. It seems that the businesswoman did not realize this detail.

As it is known,  Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart decided to get together for these Fiestas Patrias to ‘bill’ in a circus. Sure, Pancho Rodriguez is his personal trainer for stunts.

Therefore, on July 17, when he announced details of his circus, he unintentionally showed his sexy lingerie Australia.

The photographs of the small incident were published by Magaly TeVe magazine. “Look at that python that appears around her waist. How sexy! “Said the publication.

On the other hand, despite being separated, Alejandra Baigorriaand Mario Hart were captured doing acrobatics in the circus. Their media breakdown has not stopped them from continuing to ‘bill’ together.

It even became known that who helped her with training for stunts in the circus was none other than the Chilean Pancho Rodriguez, his former ‘magic friend’.

“Training to give a better show tonight at the circus, thanks for training me Pancho Rodríguez, the maximum,” were the words of Alejandra on Twitter.

International Survey on the implementation of the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and its follow-up

In the year 2014, the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), held in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1994, will take place 20 years later. On that occasion, the countries approved the Program Which contains a set of objectives and targets relating to key population and development issues for a period of 20 years.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of that conference, the United Nations General Assembly arranged for a follow-up to the ICPD Program of Action. In its resolution 65/234 on this subject, the General Assembly noted the existence of significant implementation gaps in various areas of the Cairo Program of Action. It also recognized that many countries may not meet the proposed targets and targets for 2014, which should continue to be in force after that date. In this regard, the General Assembly decided to extend the Program of Action and key actions for its implementation until after 2014, and to ensure its follow-up in order to fully achieve its goals and objectives.

The resolution commissioned the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in cooperation with relevant organizations of the United Nations system, other international organizations, institutions and experts, to undertake an operational review of the implementation of the ICPD Program of Action 20 years after its approval on the basis of data and analysis of the highest quality, taking into account the need for a systematic, comprehensive and integrated approach to population and development.

In this context, UNFPA – in collaboration with other organizations of the United Nations system – developed the Global Survey Cool on the implementation of the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and its follow-up after 2014 as one of the instruments To review the implementation of the ICPD Program of Action.

With the information obtained, ECLAC will prepare a regional report that will be presented and discussed with the countries at a regional conference to be held in Montevideo in August 2013. Subsequently, this regional report will be incorporated into a global report to be presented to The Commission on Population and Development and then to the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2014.

The best faucets to practice save on the water bill

We present some models that besides being very aesthetic will allow you to save at the end of the month due to its characteristics, since they offer a responsible consumption

It seems like an easy task but if you look at something beyond the design and the way they have, choosing a faucet can turn out to be a real headache, especially if you also want to save at the end of the month on the water bill. It is a fact that inside the kitchen, two of the areas that we use most are induction plates and on the other hand the sink, that place where liquids are evacuated. Precisely because it is a part that we use every day, it is recommended that the tap is comfortable, effective and also offers a responsible consumption. There are a wide variety of types of Pull Out faucets, and most of them you can find with great offers , but we will detail you some that we believe will be your faithful allies in that difficult task of saving on the expenses of the house. Take note!

1. With washers or without washers

If you consider this aspect you should know the faucets ball since these types of faucets have always been the most used since they were the first who did not wear washers. They are characterized by having a kind of plastic or metal ball inside the tap body itself which controls the flow and temperature of the water from inner chambers. On the other hand they only have a handle that moves on the rotating ball at the base of the outlet of the jet stream. They are most recommended for those who prefer that their taps do not use gums. In this feature we also highlight the cartridge and disk taps.

2. Caño

According to the pipe there are also different faucets. Thus you can distinguish between the high pipe, the low pipe, and finally the embedded. The essential difference between the three exist in the position of the pipe. The most recommended are the high pipe because it will allow us to have enough space between the sink and the faucet to be able to fill tall pots or have the hole up dishes. Normally for the spouts of high spout there are also also other variants such as the flip-up, which can be folded in the direction of the sink or the worktop to avoid clogging. As an extra, a good option if you look at the spout when choosing the faucet you might also opt for a removable spout as it will allow you to pull the spout from the tap to the point you need to fill,

3. Practice System of consumption

If you want to save then we certainly recommend a thermostatic faucet as it is the most noticeable at the end of the month. This system allows direct control of both the temperature and the flow, allowing even decrease water loss by not controlling the temperature from the boiler. On the other hand it is comfortable and has an ECO position, which allows only the water that is required to be exited, so you will save even more. Finally you can also choose with different types of spray like spray, laminate or aerated, something that in addition to functional will bring a unique style to your sink.

Practice the 4 Natural Approaches to Ovarian Cysts

An ovarian cyst can be simply defined as a fluid-filled sac that forms around or inside an ovary.

They are usually harmless, but, in many cases they often come with a variety of physical symptoms.

4 Natural Approaches to Ovarian Cysts

An ovarian cyst can be simply defined as a fluid-filled sac that forms around or inside an ovary.

They are usually harmless, but, in many cases they often come with a variety of physical symptoms.
Ovarian cysts are often very painful and cause unpleasant sensations , hence the importance of eliminating them to restore wellbeing as soon as possible.

For women suffering from ovarian cysts, the good news is that most of the cysts disappear just as they appeared, that is, on their own.

However, discomfort often requires some sort of solution, even in those that are not permanent.

In the worst case, these cysts can rupture or cause damage to the ovaries, creating scar tissue that could accumulate in the cysts and form adhesion to the ovary, which would cause a number of discomforts, including infertility.

Approaches to the treatment of ovarian cysts

Medical approaches for ovarian cysts are usually invasive, but they are not the only option.

Research studies have found 4 natural approaches that can help support ovary health, especially when faced with this painful condition. These include:

  1. Diet : Like all aspects that involve health, diet is a key factor for the development of ovarian cysts.

    A large percentage of processed foods purchased in supermarkets today include a large variety of synthetic and natural estrogens, which interfere with health in general terms and with the ovary in a specific way:

    • Soy : It can be found in large quantities in foods currently, with the aggravating fact that it is one of the most common dietary sources of estrogen.

      Did you know that there are girls who have not menstruated who have ovarian cysts? [ 1 ] Condition that could be related to the consumption of soy, now aggravated by the use of transgenic soy .

    • 11

      Meat : Industrially produced animals are given impressive amounts of both antibiotics and hormones to increase their size and weight, transferring a rude toll to consumers.

      Women who consume such meats probably contribute involuntarily to the development of their own ovarian cysts.

    • Toxic substances: Many common plastics contain xenoestrogens that can seep into the food, so it is advisable for women, even for men, to avoid cooking with microwaves or storing food in plastic containers or plastic wrappers.Aluminum should be avoided at all costs, since in addition to being a powerful xenoestrogens, it has been linked as one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease

      The easiest way to find out what can harm health and what not is to use products that include only natural (preferably organic) ingredients.

  2. Homeopathy : It is a practical alternative therapy system that is based on the use of various tinctures and herbal blends, it is often used to support ovary health. [ 2 ]

    Homeopathic preparations commonly used in ovarian cysts include arsenicum, belladonna and apis mellifica.

    Homeopathy is seen as a complementary approach that is intended to work with the body’s natural biological mechanisms to support overall health, including ovarian health.

  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach : Approaches are based on seeing health as a whole, that is, there is a deeper vision than treating a simple symptom.

    Many of its treatments have a triple shed, that is, herbs are used , a diet change is applied and the use of the millennial technique of acupuncture.

    A completely different approach to Western medicine because it is about returning the body to its natural balance, rather than forcing changes in a single aspect.

    Because of its complexity, only a qualified physician should be seen.

    Many women affected by cysts have found that the approaches of traditional Chinese medicine have restored their health, after great suffering caused by ovarian cysts.

    1. Enzymes : A range of its beneficial effects can help women suffering from ovarian cysts.

      In fact, they are necessary to reduce the risk of recurrence, even if other approaches are used.

      The enzymes are found naturally in foods, and no treatment, no matter how effective it will prevent the return of cysts if you keep the same diet, ie, changing diet is vital to prevent recurrence of cysts Ovaries.

      It is interesting to note that the enzymatic treatment for ovarian cysts is equal to the enzymatic treatment for fertility problems.

      Something that should not be surprising, because cysts are often a contributing factor to infertility. There are several types of enzymes, and each provides a different benefit.

      The enzymes most likely to help eliminate ovarian cysts are trypsin, chymotrypsin, pancreatin, papain, rutin, and bromelain .

      Patients may want a product that contains a mixture of the 6 enzymes to increase the health of their reproductive organs. [ 4 ]

    More advanced medical treatments are not recommended for all women when it comes to ovarian cysts , some approaches may ultimately do more harm than good.

    If you want to solve a complex problem like this, then you should look at your overall health.

    Recommended: Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Medical and Natural Therapies

    You need to ensure that your diet contributes to regaining health and that you are getting all the necessary nutrients.

    What works for one woman may not work for another. Each case is personal, and the needs of your body are not identical to anyone’s.

    So, if you have ovarian cysts , do not give up. These 4 approaches will probably help you achieve complete health, naturally!

    As always, consult with your doctor, about the approach most appropriate in your situation.

    To ensure that you do not miss future entries, you can subscribe to my blog or to my NewsLetter.

    Show me that you live, comment below and let me know your criteria.

    The most important thing … Your health

Conference Dog food and health

Within the cycle of conferences within the Program for Animals at the Service of Humanity, framed in the Vice-rectorate for Development Cooperation, Volunteering and Institutional Relations of the Rey Juan Carlos University. We present the 4th conference with the title: FOOD AND CANINE HEALTH ASPECTS. In which the protagonist returns to be the animal welfare and the importance of a consistent care towards the animals that accompany us in our day to day, and every day more, in our moments of practicing sport.

In this conference, we will have the pleasure of having Judith Queraltó, graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Specialized in Bromatologia (science that studies the food), is part of the technical department of Dingonatura from its beginning to the present. Thanks to his work experience, he presents his presentation “La alimentación, su mejor medicina”.

Subsequently, he will make the presentation; ” Consequences and risks of an unbalanced diet in the dog” by Teresa Marías Luca de Tena. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a founding member of the Veterinary Clinic where she practices daily as a Veterinary Surgeon.

To close, David Herreros Sánchez; Canine educator and curator, internationally, Obedience and veterinary assistant specialized in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of small animals. With the paper “Rehabilitation and Canine Physiotherapy the great forgotten in the Sport Dog”. Making us aware of the need for a good recovery after an effort of the animals.


  1. Israel González García . Technical Director Program Animals at the Service of Humanity.
  2. Judith Queraltó.  He studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where he graduated in Veterinary Medicine. Specialized in Bromatologia (science that studies the food), is part of the technical department of Dingonatura from its beginning to the present.
  3. Teresa Marías Luca de Tena. Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Founding member of the Veterinarya Clinic! In c / Capellanía 25, Moralzarzal where he serves as a veterinarian and surgeon. Specialist in clinical ethology and animal behavior problems (Master in Clinical Ethology and Animal Welfare, Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) of the Interuniversity Doctorate Program “Animal and Human Behavior: an ethological perspective”, taught by the Faculties of Psychology and Biology of the Autonomous and Complutense Universities of Madrid. He is currently developing a research project on comparative behavior between dogs and wolves.
  4. David Herreros Sánchez. Canine Educator and international commissioner of Obedience. Veterinary Assistant specialized in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of small animals. Member of VEPRA. Experience in the dog world since 1993 where he started working as a veterinary assistant. In 1997 after completing the studies of Bachiller and COU, carries out the military service in the canine unit of the Navy. In 1999, he entered the permanent staff at the Escuela de Perros Guía de la Eleven, as a kennel keeper, to date. In 2008 she graduated in Veterinary Rehabilitation and in 2009 she joined the team in the rehabilitation team of Gemma del Pueyo (Los Madrazo / Vetsia) until October 2015. In 2011, she began teaching in Forvet, teaching theoretical classes Rehabilitation. He is a teacher in the dog trainer course of LealCan since 2013, giving classes on the physical management of the sport dog category. During these years it has continued to be formed, in canine education as well as veterinary nursing, attending numerous courses, seminars and congresses; Both nationally and internationally.

Currently, in addition to continuing to work at Once, he spends his time collaborating in the Madrid agility Indoor center as an OCI monitor, is a member of the IPO Juper club, carries out ambulatory rehabilitation in clinics and prepares, at a physical level, . Seminars and congresses; Both nationally and internationally. Currently, in addition to continuing to work at Once, he spends his time collaborating in the Madrid agility Indoor center as an OCI monitor, is a member of the IPO Juper club, carries out ambulatory rehabilitation in clinics and prepares, at a physical level, . Seminars and congresses; Both nationally and internationally.

Currently, in addition to continuing to work at Once, he spends his time collaborating in the Madrid agility Indoor center as an OCI monitor, is a member of the IPO Juper club, carries out ambulatory rehabilitation in clinics and prepares, at a physical level, .

From large convention rooms to meeting rooms and a beautiful garden

During the construction of the hotel we were able to specify what the event planners value: natural light, terraces, views, intimacy, direct access to equipment loading and brand building opportunities. In addition, our spaces offer originality and flexibility, allowing you to freely choose the ideal event space.


Our large 770-square-meter convention hall offers a distinctive and elegant setting with beautiful lamps and silver-leafed arches. Absolutely all the seats are good thanks to the practically square form of the living room, its plant without pillars and the impressive ceilings of 5.5 meters of height. In addition, we offer access and private bathrooms to make your event totally independent, for toilet reviews click here. The convention hall offers the versatility of splitting into small rooms and is one of the few luxury spaces in Washington DC that allows entry of a car. It has capacity for banquets of 770 people and receptions cocktail type of 900 people.


With the same classic design as our large convention hall, the Oriental Convention Hall offers an equally elegant setting on a smaller scale. It includes a marble lobby and a multifunctional room attached, and can accommodate banquets of 350 people and cocktail receptions of 600 people.


These more intimate spaces are ideal for small gatherings, such as breakout spaces or temporary conference rooms. We have seven rooms located on the same floor, including the Hillwood Room, right next to the Oriental Convention Hall, a space with natural light ideal for meetings. Most of our meeting rooms are equipped with pullout screens, whiteboards and wireless Internet access.


Our art gallery is a unique space for small events. Equipped with a private elevator, separate bathrooms, a wall with large windows and a large tiled patio overlooking the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, it houses Ron Blunt’s TIMELESS Cherry Blossom collection.


On the lobby level, we have two lovely Garden lounges, which offer excellent natural light. Outside, guests can wander through the Zen garden or through our large lawn for events. This 370-square-meter outdoor space with views of Washington Marina, Tidal Basin and Thomas Jefferson Memorial offers a memorable setting from which to watch the sunset. Whether you are hosting a bridal ceremony, a lively cocktail party or a croquet party, the garden space is the outdoor area that no other Washington luxury hotel can offer.

The 14 most effective anti-wrinkle according to Organization of Consumers and Users

The anti-wrinkle cream is one of the most used cosmetic items in the home.Thousands of people use them in their daily lives with different results. Not always their results are expected and in the vast majority of cases paying more for the product is not synonymous to get what is expected for the price paid.

To analyze the different options that exist in the market, the Organization of Consumers and Users ( OCU ) conducted a study in which, thanks to the collaboration of volunteers between 31 and 70 years old, valued the utility of all these anti-wrinkle creams.

Are the most expensive creams the most effective? The study of the OCU denies it, since the best rated is the cream Cien Q10 Lidl, which has caused a crazy craze among customers, eventually depleting the product in several of the establishments that has the premises in Spain .

Despite this, the top luxury creams, anti wrinkle injections cost in my area which cost more than 200 euros, have risen by 2.2% in the last year, according to an analysis by Stanpa (the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics). As a high price is not synonymous with quality assured, we review those that perfectly meet the premise of being an effective wrinkle cream and with a high demand among the public.

Hundred Q10 of Lidl

The anti-wrinkle cream that best values the OCU is the day cream A hundred Q10 that is sold in Lidl. This cosmetic, valid for all skin types, is very cheap (only costs three euros) and stands out, above all, to offer excellent hydration, in addition to its true effectiveness in the fight against wrinkles, something that only meets together With that of Eucerin.

Overall, the OCU values 6.4 out of 10 Lidl cream, which also has acceptable cosmetic properties and a good labeling compared to the other creams on the market. It is the best option to take into account if you go to the supermarket.

Truths and Lies About Fryers

Enjoying a healthier and healthier way of cooking, without staining or grease, is possible.This Cecotec robot gets recipes with just one tablespoon of oil.

Trandana aleVainilla: I went to a conference of friends and take the fryer … all were surprised when there was practically no oil and the menu was blunt jiji. Many did not know the machine and when I started to cook “(a saying as it does it alone) opened their eyes like dishes, eat healthy, not sa spends oil and the food is delicious and snappy. A woman asked me where I had bought her for the fact that I wanted an equal.

We have analyzed over forty models and selected those that stand out. In addition, let’s take a brief look at how a fryer without oil (as it is one of the things we first think about … frying? Without oil?) And we are going to give you a series of tips to take into consideration in the Time to buy the freidora sin aceite de marca tefal that best suits your needs.

From the very first use, you will not regret having trusted Actifry of Tefal for the acquisition of your next-generation fryer. Previously, it was necessary to carry the fryer, still heavy with the oil fixed inside, and melt this fat before the potatoes can be dipped. To make matters worse, this task was very unsafe because of the projections of boiling oil it caused. With the Actifry, however, it is enough to put the French fries in the bowl provided for this purpose and then cover them with a simple oil bucket (a measuring spoon included in the product). Airfryer HD9220 / 20: It is actually like a small oven that works with high precision hot air. The patented Rapid Air technology lets you fry chips and more with up to 80 percent less fat than a conventional fryer. Its exclusive combination of fast hot air circulation and grill allows you to fry a huge variety of dishes such as potatoes, croquettes, empanadillas, vegetables such as onions (which are very good) and meats and fish such as chicken, sausage, bacon, squid, raba … They are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and without any oil, so they have very few calories and you save on oil. Each day we are busier and that lack of time translates into a quick and unbalanced nutrition that is usually recognized by the high amount of fats and carbohydrates that accompany it. Tefal always worried about health (they were pioneers in the creation of nonstick pots and pans, which reduced the need for fats in the groceries) have created an appliance easy to use, nice and very practical. A system that helps us achieve exquisite dishes with much less oil than usual. Remember that you always have to take beliefs for what they are, an opinion. Do not give much importance to those who make everything perfect or to those who claim that everything is wrong, in general things are not so black or white, but rather gray. It is best to focus on opinions that highlight good and bad things. It is not the traditional texture of a potato. They remain bumpy though not as much as the fried with oil and the inside of the potato is somewhat less rigid. With a single spoonful of oil for fresh and oil-free products for frozen products, it is possible to fry potatoes, fish, meat, vegetables and even baking. A brief analysis of the different chemical reactions that take place in a domestic fryer is made. The hydrolysis reaction of the triglycerides of the oil produces polar compounds and acrolein, which degrade the oil and generate the need to renew the oil every number of fryings. Every when? There are certain criteria to decide. If a substitute fries without oil or grease is needed think descubrelo here it is best to use the microwave. The potatoes cut into chips and placed in a dish that can be covered with a pinch of salt and a little.

Oil for flavor and 4 and a half minutes. Otherwise the device looks like a mini oven with a fan, let’s all that is suggested can be cooked in the oven at home.

As if it were little in the top you can put to make any meat fish that is also very good and you have both ready when you want. The digestion of the groceries, in my body at least, was much easier for my stomach as long as not being food soaked in oil and over-saturated with cholesterol I could eat a mogollón of fries (without worrying about the calories) and having A fantastic digestion without any repetition or ardor of those.

Email Conference in the company

Email is the tool par excellence in the world of computing. It is one of the oldest since the advent of internet, and certainly it was easier and accessible from the beginning. Today, most people have at least a couple of different email addresses (personal and work), and has become an indispensable tool in day to day business.

However, this familiarity and daily use have led to user a series of “bad habits”, which added to the growing exchange of data and information today has meant that today often is a source of stress for employees many companies, overwhelmed by the constant trickle of messages, and who feel unable to manage.

Email is easy to use tool designed to facilitate communication between people, but it is important to know its features and a set of good habits to use it properly and make the most of. At company level, this translates into more efficient processes, better communication between colleagues and increased productivity in general.

The result of our desire to share our know-how around the world of electronic communication, a few months ago Alinto presented his lecture on the use of email append companies.

For over two hours, we were able to share with users of all kinds and professional status of our knowledge on this field, we analyze the state of email today, the main challenges in terms of safety and mobility, and facilitate a number of tips and good habits to improve the use of this tool in the professional field and improve user productivity.

The talk was a success, and a result, the January 21 Alinto participate in the conference “The lagoons of success”, organized by the business coaching company LYSCAM in the Association of Galician businessmen Madrid (AEGMA ).

It will discuss the management of leadership in business today, and a section will be dedicated to electronic communication, the challenges faced, and a set of keys will be given to improve the management of this tool in the workplace.

International Conference on Healthy Eating: role of advertising industry and creating eating habits

With the presence of various authorities and representatives of the scientific, medical community, the media and the food industry, it was held with great success on Wednesday, June 27 the International Forum “Healthy eating: Studies and international trends “.

The opening remarks of the event were made by Congressman Jaime Delgado, Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection of Congress, who put in context the scale of the problem by pointing out that in Peru there are two million diabetics and 24 % of overweight and obese children between five and nine years.

It further considered as an error that supply policies are purely commercial “where each industry advertises and sells its products as it wants and where he wants,” so it is urgent to initiate a regulatory process. On the other hand, he noted that product labeling has not proved effective in combating this problem because “people do not read the labels, and more info, do not understand and simply trust that if a product is on the market is because the state has made appraising their work. ”

For his part, Dr. Manuel Peña, Senior Nutrition Advisor positively described the organization of the forum and indicated that the change in consumer habits is evident among our population over the last 30 years. “There are a lot of concentration of fat, sugar, salt and corn syrup which create an imperceptible addiction – which runs parallel to a lack of physical activity,” he said.

According to the specialist, we have a problem not only obesity, but unhealthy diet, because diets today there is excess fat and empty calories. In turn, the situation of malnutrition coexists with excess deficiencies of essential nutrients. In that sense, he advocated especially advocate for children, receiving the advertising of these foods on a purely emotional level, not rational and should be controlled nature of these messages, which is eminently a task of the state. You can look for the best place to buy in your area.

On the other hand, he recalled that the bill does not provide prohibit the sale of any food, and less discouraging the consumption of foods of the traditional cuisine. Fearful of industry representatives who say that regulation of these negatively affect the Peruvian trade, he made sure that was not the focus of the proposed legislation and Dr. Peña explained the importance of this control before lack of vigilance in this regard continue to contribute to deteriorating health of children and adolescents, mainly. He also stressed that prevention is the key, having transformed the surrounding environment if you want to make changes at the level of lifestyle.

They participated in the forum. Dr. Miriam Larco Sicheri, technical secretary of the Advisory Council of Radio and Television -CONCORTV; Dr. Rodolfo Leon, Executive Director of the National Association of Advertisers Go on; Dr. Maria Elena Villanueva, President of the Peruvian Society for Nutrition.; Paola Fano, Global Food Safety Manager;Dr. Alejandro Calvillo, Director of the Association “Consumer Power” from Mexico; Dr. Diego Calmet, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Dr. Sacha Barrio, Specialist International Centre for Medical Research and Therapies -AVANTARI, among other guests. Visit us at Fit Shop Pro for more details.

SEO conferences of Spain and England

The organizer, Miguel Lopez , of  Marketing Online Valencia  almost the only organized with a tremendous effort, a fabulous event that brought the biggest rock of top talent to crush Spanish SEO ideas and fortalezer friends for three intense days.

I will not detail the presentations. That was done in the time after the event by several other speakers and attendees from all parts  of the world.

Suffice to say that the level was very high and the presentations were all successful. He has already confirmed only one who traveled from afar to experience it.


Samuel Crocker @samuelcrocker

Been incredibly impressed with #seopro & the Spanish SEO community. Very open, great stuff shared. Learned more here than any UK conference.


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Luckily my work and my roots makes same spot traveling between Spain and England and as always I am tempted to compare the good and bad of each, I venture here to do a comparison of the SEO events between Spain and the United Kingdom.

Photo by  @carrero
The selection. A big time.

Does it really matter whether or not there are many events to choose? In the UK the SEO landscape is bigger.Well, I’m not here to investigate statistics, comparing employees per agency, income or metrics Search or PPC, but if I venture into something, I dare say that SEO as a profession is more established in the world of marketing in the UK which is what in Spain. And that? Well, when dealing with the magnitude of conferences, capacity, and frequency of events, the UK has a lot to choose. From the free, to very lively, to the VIP price and SEO events that are part of a major marketing event, lots of variety.

Instead, Spain has fewer events but does not mean that it is a disadvantage because everything depends on each event as it takes advantage, right? During the SEO Congress in Valencia, the seventy or so participants had more than enough time to really make professional close links and strengthen friendships.

However, in the UK, I at least I have found because of the limited time I had to investigate carefully beforehand attendees and companies who want to network so that it could devirtualize all SEOs on time. The truth is that there is a good feeling between Spanish SEO still remembers those days of SEO in England before the time of Google.

And let’s be clear, just because you are is first to invent something, do not confer the title of being the best practitioner of it. The English already know this to stop, football for example … err Who the hell won the last World Cup?

England thrashed a free kick with a rebound something chanchullo

The scoring after 20 minutes: England 1 Spain 0

Event Organization

Of course a major event requires considerable resources to ensure that everything goes well and this inevitably contributes to the price of admission.

During the SearchLove in London Distilled, there were a lot of people to take it all out, audio visual, all recording and everything else that requires take forward the event.

It is not just the event itself, but all its previous promotion and after that tests the organizers and promotional capabilities.

The Distilled SearchLove did well to generate interest before the event in October and created a booklet for full attendants interviews with the speakers.

In Spain Miguel Lopez of SEOPro however I armo buzz several months earlier with a clever use of the blog andFeedburner gradually sending emails interviews with the speakers during the previous months.

This maintained a hashtag  continuous thread during pre-event weeks. Attendees not left without little things while some attendees and speakers companies distributed gifts and more important codes and invitations to free trials and other SEO tools. It was not an either version shitforlinks .

It is true that SearchLove tap or by dividing the PowerPoint shortly after the event, with video recording of the papers – that if sale – change in SEOPro distributed only among the speakers .ppt privately without audio or video.

As has already been five months since I gave my presentation ( data representation for SEO or infographics to attract links ) Miguel has allowed to publish it .

You can catch all the links in the presentation or read and comment on a version photo album Google+ .Download it whole from my Dropbox but unfortunately OJO YouTube videos will not play on Dropbox .

Concerning the issue of networking and progress, I would say Valencia triumphed over London.

Although both SEOPro and SearchLove continuous event staged in a room, presentation lasting 45-60 minutes (and not so multi-channel), London time was brutal with fewer options for networking compared to Valencia.

It is true that there was a networking party after the main event in London, but not all attend because you have to move the conference venue to the bar.

Of course, the culture of sandwich or tapas standing in UK is considered normal, and is not to declare that the food was not good – it goes! – And finally the people do not come out for food, but for the papers, but still, the food in Valencia during the three days was glory.

Attendees sat in a restaurant, with ample opportunities to know each other and the papers returned to start at five in the afternoon and ended at eight.

Half-day break that allowed attendees SEOPro could catch up with their themes of work or take a well deserved nap.

How else way you are going to recover those lost hours walk to the many? Suffice to say that Valencia won any comparison nightlife.

Spanish midfielders dazzles with a tiki taka death and a touch of film to score a deserved equalizer.

Scoring after 45 minutes: England 1 Spain 1

SEO Champion & Premier league

Then we get to the point and ask how does quality SEO compared between the two events?

Both events can boast a very high quality presentations.

People had done their homework, and share their data and learned tricks, at least I thought the attendants SEOPro and SearchLove left very satisfied both cases.

Both events have been critical of people who misread comments which are broadcast on Twitter or become half – lies, people who judge without having attended the event in person.

Of course in both cases , the Panda theme dominated although in Spain the most common element was a tribute to the almost mythical scraper .

Edit: Panda deserved a mention was the coincidence that select an infographic for my presentation of a company called Attachmedia . Without knowing beforehand, the author of computer graphics was present in the room and then was introduced. He had just come from Peru for the event!

The SEO SearchLove in London, featured speakers included US and British names, in contrast with some exceptions Valencia were almost all of Spain.

I think there were several presentations in Valencia that more deserved Audencia such as navigation displaysadvanced facets of Fernando Macia and Rodney Cullen. I liked the talk especialimente half SEOcial of  Jose Llinares .

In Spain people did not mince words when speaking up techniques dark side compared when something similar happens in the UK comes with warnings not to try it alone, not retweetearlo and everything spoken in voice low. Ssssh!

Whereas in Spain there is much ease on the subject, perhaps because neither the statements are amplified outside the SEO environment compared to the UK.

I am not in favor of the gray / black although I can not deny that sometimes is successful, but that if, since November last year some advantages of the techniques mentioned in Valencia have decreased with algorithmic changes Google would even say that some already they are counterproductive.

Last year cheerful renombraron me that the job description Matt Cutts, being reconodico as a distinguished engineer at once the head of WebSpam in Google.

Imagine if the world call her the equivalent of Direct Marketing as Chief spam . Go.

Well, what I mean is that while SEO markets mature Anglo-Saxons, discipline is increasingly accepted as a standard marketing practice and its definition includes the inbound marketing,  also called in Castilian as themarketing of atraction .

There is a collective effort needs SEO by leaders in the Anglo-Saxon position the SEO more like a normal marketing practice rather than continue to suffer a bad reputation and avoid a perception of an image of SEO in world crises .

Even the discussion of the definition of Inbound marketing has accelerated since November last year and unlikely to calm down and up.


Rand Fishkin


Is there a phrase (besides “inbound marketing”) that describes combined processes of SEO, Social, Content, CRO & Analytics to earn traffic?



If we contrast with the situation in Spain, I feel that the SEO profession is still more distant from the center of online marketing that should be.

There seems to be friction between the SEO community in Spain and equivalent Community Managers so loud.

The stereotypes contain some grain of truth, the Community Manager has to prove the value of their shares and SEOs have to practice more social actions.

There was a time in Valencia during the talks that a slide was contrasting the web 2.0 wages and some reaction and alarm year produced some irritation in the room.

This was despite previous slides case studies had demonstrated the commercial disproporcionado value that SEO had ortogado organizations.

There was even a more oriented Community Manager in Seville that same weekend (EBE) and felt some resentment while some single words between the two camps crossed tweeted event.

A classic repeated

It may not be fair to compare SEO events in each country. I think SEO SearchLove, seo bangkok and Congress were equally successful and if you have any chance to go, you should go to anyone. Really.

I find it very strange when comparing countries and decant for Spain or England in these circumstances. Even when national teams compete in sports, I usually support the losing at the moment more than anything for there to be more competition.

… The Spanish team denied a penalty in the dying moments and England catches a goal 93 minutes!

Final score:

England 2 Spain 1

Of course this post is disponible en Inglés .

Distilled of Linklove the conference was last week in London and Boston. Here is a summary (in English). If you what you lost, there will be SEO video conference on sale.

The SEO Congress held this year in Madrid on 6 and 7 July 2012. Registrations have just discounted very  soon .

A security flaw in the system of Hollywood screeners exposes dozens of unreleased films

The fight against the spread of copyrighted content has become a priority and headaches of the film industry is a reality that, in recent years, yet has become more evident. A fight in which, unfortunately, the major Hollywood studios continue encrypting the losses related to these practices in almost 600 million euros.

A context in which the screener copies of the latest movies are one of the most valuable assets and a “assets” that over the years have tried to protect testing systems like Netflix and the like to avoid using physical disks. One of them is , which allows members of the industry see the free online movies before anyone in a secure environment. However, a new vulnerability could have endangered.

What is vulnerability

Screeners Awards

So although in recent years Hollywood has made every effort to limit such leaks, the fact is that, usually, and after 12 months, the best titles end up sneaking into the net with a fairly acceptable quality. A reality to which studies have been testing different methods.

This is the case of the aforementioned awards-screeners, which allows members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA-SAG) and 123movies on cmovieshd access to these copies without doing so present a hazard . However, a few days ago, security researcher Chris Vickery, a member of MacKeeper , discovered a database on the network that appeared to be part of it. A place you could be accessed without authentication.


In addition, Vickery found that it could be seen more than 1,200 user accounts belonging even members as the Director of Technology and Security and Disney, the Director of content protection Paramount, vice president of International Technology Universal Pictures and other senior officials. The vice president of corporate communications and advertising 20th Century Fox and Vice President of Global Business Strategy and Technology Warner also trickled in this list.

In addition, the database access offered to the public as a system administrator, so that “any of the values of the database could be changed, ie, that anyone could create their own password”. Something that, at the same time providing interested parties the ability to sign with any of these 1,200 accounts, gain an unreleased film, and share itacross the network . Something that certainly is a real and serious problem.

Top 10 Internet security systems

The proper choice of system security of Internet for your computer can be the difference between keeping your computer and information safe staff and have a virus on your computer that can make you lose your private information because hackers. With the help of a list of the top 10 Internet security systems, you will be able to keep your computer and your personal information safe while browsing the Internet and maybe you can find entry level cyber security jobs.

The version of F-Secure Internet Security Suite 2010 provides users with an updated interface that makes the software easy to use. F-Secure software comes with an antivirus and an integrated approach to potential threats to block outgoing and incoming firewall program.

Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security 2010 has won awards for Editor’s Choice PC Magazine for its speed, detection capability and all based on excellence. This software is often preinstalled on new computers as a free trial from 30 to 60 days so that users can decide whether they want to use it.

AVG Internet Security 9 conveniently offers antivirus, anti-malware and firewall components in one package. This makes it the perfect place for a full defense of your team against online attackers software.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 provides components antivirus and anti-spam, along with the “sandbox” mode that allows you to run safely suspicious files without danger of damaging the operating system. All these components mean that the program consumes more system resources compared to other high security systems Internet, but it is still an excellent choice.

While Avira has had some problems with errors and user interface with Avira Premium Security Suite 9, still provides good protection against viruses and malware. It also has a rescue CD as a free download so you can clean your system, even if you can not start it again.

The antivirus Avast! He has earned high marks from Consumer Reports and has features real-time scanning instant messaging along with standard antivirus, anti-malware components and firewall. A feature of Avast! unlike other antivirus programs it is that it has the “lockbox” where you can store important files, keeping them immune to virus infection elsewhere in the system.

In addition to a firewall, antivirus and anti-spam protection, ZoneAlarm Extreme also offers parental controls for your computer, along with a disk encryption tool. The large number of features in this program means that occupies much more memory than other security systems, but is a great choice if you do not want to buy each of these components separately.

McAfee Total Protection 2009 is often included pre-installed on new computers with virus protection features and malware. While it performs well in detecting threats, you can make the system run slowly due to the amount of memory used.

The ESET Smart Security System offers components antivirus, anti-spam and anti-malware combined with a strong firewall to help keep out intruders. It also consumes very little system resources, a great help for people who run several programs at once or like to play high-performance games.

Consumer Reports and PC World have given BitDefender a high ranking thanks to the high rate of detection program and its ease of use. Although you can perform real-time analysis and analyze files and instant messages, this program does not include an integrated firewall.

Top 5 Web design software for your site

The software development web design has evolved in conjunction with SEO positioning strategies, converging aesthetics and functionality to offer users the best portals. It is for that reason that today you can find different programs to create virtual sites compatible with various applications and comfort of the creators of pages.

Therefore, if you create a website and want to be positioned optimally, you mention the best design software that you can use.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

This is undoubtedly the most complete and functional web editor, since it allows you to create a web design for the desktop version that is compatible with mobile devices. In addition, it is easy to use, contains all the tools used to create portals and allows you to visualize a preview of your creation, before you finish completely.

2. Google Sites

If you are a beginner in the world of SEO expert or consultant, to consult experts are likely to recommend you Google Sites for web design of your site. This alternative, although not the most complete, is one of the easiest to use and allows you to integrate the site with other Google services, including Adsense ads.

3. WebEasy Professional 8

Another easy alternative to use and functional is WebEasy Professional 8. In fact, the software development of this program is very comprehensive, as offers more than 600 templates to start creating your website and not have to start from scratch.

4. MAGIX Web Designer MX

This alternative is more suitable for expert website owners, because their functions require intermediate and advanced knowledge to make a complete web design. Therefore, if you already have created portals before, you can take advantage of this program, with which you can add graphics, using templates and have the components you like.

5. WebSite X5 Evolution 9

Finally, you can use this software if you want to create a website that looks professional, so it is ideal for enterprise portals.It can be used by beginners and has templates to start the web design of your page as soon as possible.

Most of these alternatives are paid, but you can also choose software free design . The important thing is that you start creating your site as soon as possible, so that you create a strategy for this ideal web positioning.

Intelligent electronic cigarette: know the Smartphone that their owners can smoke

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

A hybrid between a smartphone and an electronic cigarette, so here are the best electronic cigarette 2016 Jupiter IO 3, a team created by Vaporcade which allows users to receive phone calls and inhale the steam expels the phone, the taste depends on the cartridge that you have built, which they vary between mint, coffee and peach.

This team, certified by the US Federal Communications Commission, has Android 4.4 operating system, plus an application that indicates the amount of battery and liquid remaining in the cartridge, the taste of it and how many inhalations were performed.

Jupiter IO 3 has a price of $ 299 and each cartridge is valued at $ 15.

The electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than conventional snuff according to a studyconducted by the Public Health England (PHE), which said that in the future could prescribe this device as an alternative to nicotine patches to help people to quit smoking.

The author of the report, Ann McNeill, believe that the use of these vaporizers would be “a revolution” to public health.

In England , 80,000 people die annually due to consumption of snuff, if all smokers employ electronic cigarettes, would reduce that number to 4,000 deaths , ” he said, while urged physicians to recommend vaporizers who want to quit smoke.