Alejandra Baigorria showed her underwear at a press conference

Alejandra Baigorria unintentionally showed her underwear while announcing details of her circus.

Sometimes tiny clothes can play tricks on us. Apparently,Alejandra Baigorria is one of the women who always prefers to wear sexy underwear.

Alejandra Baigorria unintentionally showed her underwear while announcing her circus with Mario Hart.

Alejandra Baigorria surprised his followers after the magazine Magaly TeVe showed some intimate photos of the model, where he sees more of the account.

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Last July 17, when  Alejandra Baigorria announced details of her circus with Mario Hart, who now goes out with Leslie Shaw, she unintentionally showed her underwear at a press conference.

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“Look at that python that appears around her waist. How sexy! “Points out the publication of Magaly Medina. It seems that the businesswoman did not realize this detail.

As it is known,  Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart decided to get together for these Fiestas Patrias to ‘bill’ in a circus. Sure, Pancho Rodriguez is his personal trainer for stunts.

Therefore, on July 17, when he announced details of his circus, he unintentionally showed his sexy lingerie Australia.

The photographs of the small incident were published by Magaly TeVe magazine. “Look at that python that appears around her waist. How sexy! “Said the publication.

On the other hand, despite being separated, Alejandra Baigorriaand Mario Hart were captured doing acrobatics in the circus. Their media breakdown has not stopped them from continuing to ‘bill’ together.

It even became known that who helped her with training for stunts in the circus was none other than the Chilean Pancho Rodriguez, his former ‘magic friend’.

“Training to give a better show tonight at the circus, thanks for training me Pancho Rodríguez, the maximum,” were the words of Alejandra on Twitter.