Blackberry was renewed with a new Operating System oriented tactile use and multitasking. Discover all its novelties with the new mobile phones that accompany it.

Blackberry 10 had been playing for some time in the media and offering information in a dropper, but finally the day came when the RIM conference clarified the whole picture, showing news of the new platform and announcing two new smartphones. Let’s start

Blackberry 10: the rebirth of the company

A true evolution and change is what RIM was looking for (now called Blackberry) with BB10. How do you get it? With a new hub, an improved keyboard and an intuitive use of touch gestures. You can move from one screen to another of the system just by moving your fingers from one side of the screen to the other, in a very fluid way. Let’s see the main characteristics.

Blackberry Hub

Blackberry Hub, with notifications of facebook, twitter and emails.

The first big news is the “Blackberry Hub”, an accessible area with just dragging your finger from left to right, and that shows the messages of Blackberry Messenger, email and social networks. Everything is integrated in the same place . You can also access individually the social profile of the different contacts.

This is more convenient for the user, since it avoids changing applications. And you can access it from any application without having to close it, of course.

The best keyboard

The keyboard improved with your suggestions.

PGP Blackberry did not skimp on compliments to its new keyboard system , which they rated as the best to date. Use predictive text and learn the words that we usually use and then suggest them, saving time when writing. Some details:

You can write everything without spaces and then the system will put them for you. There is a new tactile gesture to erase, moving the finger to the left.

Blackberry Messenger evolves

The popular messaging system now supports video calls . In the demonstration he moved with ease, although without being perfect. You can share photos and presentations or screenshots, as for professional use.

Other news

To which we commented before are added several new features:

– Two profiles: Now there is a job profile and another professional, which avoids the need to have two phones. This protects corporate data, which is usually very sensitive. The available applications also vary.

– Peek function: An LED lights up when a message is received, and you can read it without leaving the application.

– New feature called “Remember”: to make notes and attach files to any information, such as emails.

– Improved camera: that allows a burst mode. It has dedicated applications to edit photos (Pictures) and create videos (Story Maker).

– Great support from developers: 70,000 apps available at launch.

– New store: called “Blackberry world” integrates apps, music and videos in one place.

– Blackberry Flow: A complete tactile orientation and multitasking. The back and forward buttons are no longer present, everything is handled by gestures on the screen, passing through the applications in a fluid way.

The new mobiles:

Blackberry Z10 (left) and Q10 (right).

Two new phones were presented at the conference. On one side is the top of the range called Z10 , with a 4.2-inch screen and 1280 x 768 resolution. Its 8 MP rear camera can record 1080p video, and reaches 10 hours of autonomy. The internal capacity is 16 GB, but can be extended with micro SD card.

The other representative is the smaller Q10 , which incorporates a physical keyboard for the many who still use them. AMOLED 3.1-inch screen with 720 x 720 resolution, which can be a bit small for touch gestures. Power comes in handy: a dual-core processor at 1.2 Ghz and 2GB of RAM.

The terminals will be on sale next month , although we do not have dates or prices for Spain. If we know that the Z10 will go tomorrow in the United Kingdom at a price close to 200 dollars according to the operator.

Do you think Blackberry made a good change? We are happy that little by little it is up to the best in the sector.