Email Conference in the company

Email is the tool par excellence in the world of computing. It is one of the oldest since the advent of internet, and certainly it was easier and accessible from the beginning. Today, most people have at least a couple of different email addresses (personal and work), and has become an indispensable tool in day to day business.

However, this familiarity and daily use have led to user a series of “bad habits”, which added to the growing exchange of data and information today has meant that today often is a source of stress for employees many companies, overwhelmed by the constant trickle of messages, and who feel unable to manage.

Email is easy to use tool designed to facilitate communication between people, but it is important to know its features and a set of good habits to use it properly and make the most of. At company level, this translates into more efficient processes, better communication between colleagues and increased productivity in general.

The result of our desire to share our know-how around the world of electronic communication, a few months ago Alinto presented his lecture on the use of email append companies.

For over two hours, we were able to share with users of all kinds and professional status of our knowledge on this field, we analyze the state of email today, the main challenges in terms of safety and mobility, and facilitate a number of tips and good habits to improve the use of this tool in the professional field and improve user productivity.

The talk was a success, and a result, the January 21 Alinto participate in the conference “The lagoons of success”, organized by the business coaching company LYSCAM in the Association of Galician businessmen Madrid (AEGMA ).

It will discuss the management of leadership in business today, and a section will be dedicated to electronic communication, the challenges faced, and a set of keys will be given to improve the management of this tool in the workplace.