Intelligent electronic cigarette: know the Smartphone that their owners can smoke

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

Image taken from the official website of Vaporcade.

A hybrid between a smartphone and an electronic cigarette, so here are the best electronic cigarette 2016 Jupiter IO 3, a team created by Vaporcade which allows users to receive phone calls and inhale the steam expels the phone, the taste depends on the cartridge that you have built, which they vary between mint, coffee and peach.

This team, certified by the US Federal Communications Commission, has Android 4.4 operating system, plus an application that indicates the amount of battery and liquid remaining in the cartridge, the taste of it and how many inhalations were performed.

Jupiter IO 3 has a price of $ 299 and each cartridge is valued at $ 15.

The electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than conventional snuff according to a studyconducted by the Public Health England (PHE), which said that in the future could prescribe this device as an alternative to nicotine patches to help people to quit smoking.

The author of the report, Ann McNeill, believe that the use of these vaporizers would be “a revolution” to public health.

In England , 80,000 people die annually due to consumption of snuff, if all smokers employ electronic cigarettes, would reduce that number to 4,000 deaths , ” he said, while urged physicians to recommend vaporizers who want to quit smoke.