International Conference on Healthy Eating: role of advertising industry and creating eating habits

With the presence of various authorities and representatives of the scientific, medical community, the media and the food industry, it was held with great success on Wednesday, June 27 the International Forum “Healthy eating: Studies and international trends “.

The opening remarks of the event were made by Congressman Jaime Delgado, Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection of Congress, who put in context the scale of the problem by pointing out that in Peru there are two million diabetics and 24 % of overweight and obese children between five and nine years.

It further considered as an error that supply policies are purely commercial “where each industry advertises and sells its products as it wants and where he wants,” so it is urgent to initiate a regulatory process. On the other hand, he noted that product labeling has not proved effective in combating this problem because “people do not read the labels, and more info, do not understand and simply trust that if a product is on the market is because the state has made appraising their work. ”

For his part, Dr. Manuel Peña, Senior Nutrition Advisor positively described the organization of the forum and indicated that the change in consumer habits is evident among our population over the last 30 years. “There are a lot of concentration of fat, sugar, salt and corn syrup which create an imperceptible addiction – which runs parallel to a lack of physical activity,” he said.

According to the specialist, we have a problem not only obesity, but unhealthy diet, because diets today there is excess fat and empty calories. In turn, the situation of malnutrition coexists with excess deficiencies of essential nutrients. In that sense, he advocated especially advocate for children, receiving the advertising of these foods on a purely emotional level, not rational and should be controlled nature of these messages, which is eminently a task of the state. You can look for the best place to buy in your area.

On the other hand, he recalled that the bill does not provide prohibit the sale of any food, and less discouraging the consumption of foods of the traditional cuisine. Fearful of industry representatives who say that regulation of these negatively affect the Peruvian trade, he made sure that was not the focus of the proposed legislation and Dr. Peña explained the importance of this control before lack of vigilance in this regard continue to contribute to deteriorating health of children and adolescents, mainly. He also stressed that prevention is the key, having transformed the surrounding environment if you want to make changes at the level of lifestyle.

They participated in the forum. Dr. Miriam Larco Sicheri, technical secretary of the Advisory Council of Radio and Television -CONCORTV; Dr. Rodolfo Leon, Executive Director of the National Association of Advertisers Go on; Dr. Maria Elena Villanueva, President of the Peruvian Society for Nutrition.; Paola Fano, Global Food Safety Manager;Dr. Alejandro Calvillo, Director of the Association “Consumer Power” from Mexico; Dr. Diego Calmet, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Dr. Sacha Barrio, Specialist International Centre for Medical Research and Therapies -AVANTARI, among other guests. Visit us at Fit Shop Pro for more details.