What's new on PRIMA 2009

  • [On Jan. 28, 2010]

    === Thank you very much!!! ===

    Thank you for your all of supports about PRIMA2009. 
    Without your great supports, we could not realized such a successful conference. 

    We really enjoyed everything for PRIMA2009 as PC chairs. 
    Thank you very much.

    Takayuki Ito, Paul Scerri, and Zhi Jin
    PRIMA2009 PC Chairs

  • [On Dec. 13, 2009]

    The nearest stations for each hotel:
    Marriott Associa : Nagoya Station
    Cypress Garden Hotel : Kanayama Station
    Meitetsu Inn : Kanayama Station

  • [On Dec. 11, 2009]

    The attached file shows the locations and times for AgentSchool, Workshops, and Tutorials.

  • [On Dec. 9, 2009]

    We have uploaded "A Very Simple Instruction to Kanayama station or Nagoya Station from Chubu International Airport" on the Accesspage.

  • [On Dec. 8, 2009]

    This is the information about on-site registration. Please make your registration at the registration desk of the conference sites. We are going to open the registration desk at Nagoya Inst. of Tech. (Dec. 12-13) and at Nagoya Congress Center (Dec. 14-16).

  • [On Dec. 7, 2009]

    Location arrangement of Demonstration Session is here.

  • [On Dec. 7, 2009]

    Poster location arrangement of Interactive Poster Session is here.

  • [On Dec. 7, 2009]

    We have closed the list of Registration.

  • [On Dec. 4, 2009]

    We have uploaded the list of 
    Student Scholarship Program Winners.

  • [On Dec. 3, 2009]

    Announcement for Interactive Poster Session presenters is here.

  • [On Dec. 3, 2009]

    We have uploaded the brochure of PRIMA2009.

  • [On Nov. 27, 2009]

    We have uploaded the Programme of PRIMA2009.

  • [On Nov. 27, 2009]

    About transportation and local information, please check the Access and the Local Information page.

  • [On Nov. 25, 2009]

    Please check the general informationn which includes important information.

  • [On Nov. 25, 2009]

    We assume oral presenters will bring their own laptop to show their slides. We will prepare projectors, pointers, and screens.
    If you have any problem, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • [On Nov. 25, 2009]

    We have uploaded Call For Participation.

  • [On Nov. 22, 2009]

    We have closed the list of special reservation for PRIMA2009 Accommodation.

  • [On Nov. 18, 2009]

    We have uploaded the information aboutInteractive Poster Session.

  • [On Nov. 12, 2009]

    We have updated the information aboutworkshops.

  • [On Nov. 12, 2009]

    We have updated the information aboutInvited Talks.

  • [On Nov. 11, 2009]

    Registration by bank transfer will not be accepted from now on.

  • [On Nov. 6, 2009]

    We have uploaded the information aboutAgent School.

  • [On Nov. 2, 2009]

    We have uploaded the information aboutInvited Talks.

  • [On Nov. 2, 2009]

    We have uploaded the electronic form forhotel reservation.

  • [On Oct. 27, 2009]

    We have uploaded the electronic form ofConference Registration.

  • [On Oct. 20, 2009]

    We have uploaded the information aboutAccommodation.

  • [On Oct. 20, 2009]

    Note: The authors have to make registration by the early registration due in order to include your paper(s) into the proceedings.

  • [On Oct. 13, 2009]

    We have uploaded information about Call For Demonstration.

  • [On Oct. 13, 2009]

    We have uploaded information aboutConference Registration.

  • [On Oct. 13, 2009]

    Please be careful on the following note about the final camera ready paper.
    Note: The deadline for final camera ready papers has past. We are going to move to the editing process of the proceedings. If we can not find your final camera ready, your paper is not going to be included in the conference proceedings..

  • [On Oct. 9, 2009]

    The information about student scholarship program is here.

  • [On Oct. 9, 2009]

    This is a confirmation.
    The fax number for Copyright Transfer Form is +81-52-735-5530

  • [On Oct. 1, 2009]

    The early registration deadline has been extended.

  • [On Oct. 1, 2009]

    We have updated the visa information.

  • [On Sep. 24, 2009]

    We have uploaded the list of accepted papershere.

  • [On Sep. 23, 2009]

    The camera-ready papers due has been extended.

  • [On Sep. 15, 2009]

    The important dates of the workshops have been updated.

  • [On Sep. 12, 2009]

    The author notification of the papers has been extended.

  • [On Sep. 12, 2009]

    About the tutorial, please check this page.

  • [On Aug. 26, 2009]

    About our sponsors >> detail

  • [On Aug. 17, 2009]

    We have received more than 90 submissions which promises to allow a very high quality conference. Thank you very much.
    We are now in the review process.

  • [On Aug. 17, 2009]

    The infomation about tutorial has been updated.

  • [On Aug. 10, 2009]

    The site of Robocup Games @PRIMA2009 is now open here.

  • [On Aug. 1, 2009]

    The paper submission proposal due has been extended due to many requests.

  • [On Jul. 27, 2009]

    The submission page is now open. 
    Please see the Submission(Paper) page of this site.

  • [On Jul. 27, 2009]

    The infomation about Travel [Tours / Visa Information] and Venue has been uploaded.

  • [On Jul. 12, 2009]

    The infomation about workshops has been updated.

  • [On Jul. 8, 2009]

    The multimedia submission proposal due has been extended.

  • [On Jun. 27, 2009]

    The upload page of multimedia submissions ishere.

  • [On Jun. 16, 2009]

    Submission instructions have been updated.

  • [On Jun. 11, 2009]

    The infomation about publication of workshops has been uploaded here.

  • [On Jun. 3, 2009]

    Submission instruction is here.

  • [On Jun. 2, 2009]

    The tutorial & the workshop proposal dues have been extended.

  • [On May. 29, 2009]

    The tutorial of PRIMA 2009 is here.

  • [On May. 28, 2009]

    Awards of PRIMA 2009 is here.

  • [On May. 27, 2009]

    Important date of workshops has been updated here.

  • [On Mar. 12, 2009]

    Call for workshop proposals is here.

  • [On Feb. 27, 2009]

    The CFP of the industrial track is here.

  • [On Dec. 8, 2008]

    Local information of PRIMA 2009 is here.

  • [On Oct. 1, 2008]

    PRIMA 2009 website open.