SEO conferences of Spain and England

The organizer, Miguel Lopez , of  Marketing Online Valencia  almost the only organized with a tremendous effort, a fabulous event that brought the biggest rock of top talent to crush Spanish SEO ideas and fortalezer friends for three intense days.

I will not detail the presentations. That was done in the time after the event by several other speakers and attendees from all parts  of the world.

Suffice to say that the level was very high and the presentations were all successful. He has already confirmed only one who traveled from afar to experience it.


Samuel Crocker @samuelcrocker

Been incredibly impressed with #seopro & the Spanish SEO community. Very open, great stuff shared. Learned more here than any UK conference.


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Luckily my work and my roots makes same spot traveling between Spain and England and as always I am tempted to compare the good and bad of each, I venture here to do a comparison of the SEO events between Spain and the United Kingdom.

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The selection. A big time.

Does it really matter whether or not there are many events to choose? In the UK the SEO landscape is bigger.Well, I’m not here to investigate statistics, comparing employees per agency, income or metrics Search or PPC, but if I venture into something, I dare say that SEO as a profession is more established in the world of marketing in the UK which is what in Spain. And that? Well, when dealing with the magnitude of conferences, capacity, and frequency of events, the UK has a lot to choose. From the free, to very lively, to the VIP price and SEO events that are part of a major marketing event, lots of variety.

Instead, Spain has fewer events but does not mean that it is a disadvantage because everything depends on each event as it takes advantage, right? During the SEO Congress in Valencia, the seventy or so participants had more than enough time to really make professional close links and strengthen friendships.

However, in the UK, I at least I have found because of the limited time I had to investigate carefully beforehand attendees and companies who want to network so that it could devirtualize all SEOs on time. The truth is that there is a good feeling between Spanish SEO still remembers those days of SEO in England before the time of Google.

And let’s be clear, just because you are is first to invent something, do not confer the title of being the best practitioner of it. The English already know this to stop, football for example … err Who the hell won the last World Cup?

England thrashed a free kick with a rebound something chanchullo

The scoring after 20 minutes: England 1 Spain 0

Event Organization

Of course a major event requires considerable resources to ensure that everything goes well and this inevitably contributes to the price of admission.

During the SearchLove in London Distilled, there were a lot of people to take it all out, audio visual, all recording and everything else that requires take forward the event.

It is not just the event itself, but all its previous promotion and after that tests the organizers and promotional capabilities.

The Distilled SearchLove did well to generate interest before the event in October and created a booklet for full attendants interviews with the speakers.

In Spain Miguel Lopez of SEOPro however I armo buzz several months earlier with a clever use of the blog andFeedburner gradually sending emails interviews with the speakers during the previous months.

This maintained a hashtag  continuous thread during pre-event weeks. Attendees not left without little things while some attendees and speakers companies distributed gifts and more important codes and invitations to free trials and other SEO tools. It was not an either version shitforlinks .

It is true that SearchLove tap or by dividing the PowerPoint shortly after the event, with video recording of the papers – that if sale – change in SEOPro distributed only among the speakers .ppt privately without audio or video.

As has already been five months since I gave my presentation ( data representation for SEO or infographics to attract links ) Miguel has allowed to publish it .

You can catch all the links in the presentation or read and comment on a version photo album Google+ .Download it whole from my Dropbox but unfortunately OJO YouTube videos will not play on Dropbox .

Concerning the issue of networking and progress, I would say Valencia triumphed over London.

Although both SEOPro and SearchLove continuous event staged in a room, presentation lasting 45-60 minutes (and not so multi-channel), London time was brutal with fewer options for networking compared to Valencia.

It is true that there was a networking party after the main event in London, but not all attend because you have to move the conference venue to the bar.

Of course, the culture of sandwich or tapas standing in UK is considered normal, and is not to declare that the food was not good – it goes! – And finally the people do not come out for food, but for the papers, but still, the food in Valencia during the three days was glory.

Attendees sat in a restaurant, with ample opportunities to know each other and the papers returned to start at five in the afternoon and ended at eight.

Half-day break that allowed attendees SEOPro could catch up with their themes of work or take a well deserved nap.

How else way you are going to recover those lost hours walk to the many? Suffice to say that Valencia won any comparison nightlife.

Spanish midfielders dazzles with a tiki taka death and a touch of film to score a deserved equalizer.

Scoring after 45 minutes: England 1 Spain 1

SEO Champion & Premier league

Then we get to the point and ask how does quality SEO compared between the two events?

Both events can boast a very high quality presentations.

People had done their homework, and share their data and learned tricks, at least I thought the attendants SEOPro and SearchLove left very satisfied both cases.

Both events have been critical of people who misread comments which are broadcast on Twitter or become half – lies, people who judge without having attended the event in person.

Of course in both cases , the Panda theme dominated although in Spain the most common element was a tribute to the almost mythical scraper .

Edit: Panda deserved a mention was the coincidence that select an infographic for my presentation of a company called Attachmedia . Without knowing beforehand, the author of computer graphics was present in the room and then was introduced. He had just come from Peru for the event!

The SEO SearchLove in London, featured speakers included US and British names, in contrast with some exceptions Valencia were almost all of Spain.

I think there were several presentations in Valencia that more deserved Audencia such as navigation displaysadvanced facets of Fernando Macia and Rodney Cullen. I liked the talk especialimente half SEOcial of  Jose Llinares .

In Spain people did not mince words when speaking up techniques dark side compared when something similar happens in the UK comes with warnings not to try it alone, not retweetearlo and everything spoken in voice low. Ssssh!

Whereas in Spain there is much ease on the subject, perhaps because neither the statements are amplified outside the SEO environment compared to the UK.

I am not in favor of the gray / black although I can not deny that sometimes is successful, but that if, since November last year some advantages of the techniques mentioned in Valencia have decreased with algorithmic changes Google would even say that some already they are counterproductive.

Last year cheerful renombraron me that the job description Matt Cutts, being reconodico as a distinguished engineer at once the head of WebSpam in Google.

Imagine if the world call her the equivalent of Direct Marketing as Chief spam . Go.

Well, what I mean is that while SEO markets mature Anglo-Saxons, discipline is increasingly accepted as a standard marketing practice and its definition includes the inbound marketing,  also called in Castilian as themarketing of atraction .

There is a collective effort needs SEO by leaders in the Anglo-Saxon position the SEO more like a normal marketing practice rather than continue to suffer a bad reputation and avoid a perception of an image of SEO in world crises .

Even the discussion of the definition of Inbound marketing has accelerated since November last year and unlikely to calm down and up.


Rand Fishkin


Is there a phrase (besides “inbound marketing”) that describes combined processes of SEO, Social, Content, CRO & Analytics to earn traffic?



If we contrast with the situation in Spain, I feel that the SEO profession is still more distant from the center of online marketing that should be.

There seems to be friction between the SEO community in Spain and equivalent Community Managers so loud.

The stereotypes contain some grain of truth, the Community Manager has to prove the value of their shares and SEOs have to practice more social actions.

There was a time in Valencia during the talks that a slide was contrasting the web 2.0 wages and some reaction and alarm year produced some irritation in the room.

This was despite previous slides case studies had demonstrated the commercial disproporcionado value that SEO had ortogado organizations.

There was even a more oriented Community Manager in Seville that same weekend (EBE) and felt some resentment while some single words between the two camps crossed tweeted event.

A classic repeated

It may not be fair to compare SEO events in each country. I think SEO SearchLove, seo bangkok and Congress were equally successful and if you have any chance to go, you should go to anyone. Really.

I find it very strange when comparing countries and decant for Spain or England in these circumstances. Even when national teams compete in sports, I usually support the losing at the moment more than anything for there to be more competition.

… The Spanish team denied a penalty in the dying moments and England catches a goal 93 minutes!

Final score:

England 2 Spain 1

Of course this post is disponible en Inglés .

Distilled of Linklove the conference was last week in London and Boston. Here is a summary (in English). If you what you lost, there will be SEO video conference on sale.

The SEO Congress held this year in Madrid on 6 and 7 July 2012. Registrations have just discounted very  soon .