Themes and Topics

Agent-based system development

Agent-oriented software engineering
Agent development environments
Agent languages
Case studies and implemented systems


WWW and Semantic Web Agents

Web-based agents
Ontology agents
Semantic Web agents
Internet Bots
Human Agent Interaction


Agent-based simulations

Emergent behavior Simulation-specific issues Learning
Learning (single and multi-agent)
Computational architectures for learning Evolution, adaptation


Agent Reasoning

Reasoning (single and multi-agent)
Planning (single and multi-agent)
Cognitive models
Ontological reasoning


Interface Agents

Practices of Interface Agents
Interface Multi-Agents
Virtual Agents
Collaborative Interface Agents
Autonomous Interface Agents


Agent societies and social networks

Artificial social systems
Trust and reputation
Social and organizational structure
Privacy, safety and security
Ethical and legal issues


Agent communication

Communication languages
Communication protocols
Agent commitments
Network structures and analysis


Agent Cooperation and Negotiation

Coalition formation
Distributed problem solving
Formal models for modeling other agents and self
Negotiation and Bargaining


Agent Systems

Software agents
Mobile agents
Agent-Based Assistants
Agent-Based Virtual Enterprise
Embodied Agents and Agent-Based Systems Applications
Socially Situated Planning Software and Pervasive Agents


Real-world Robotics

Coordination in multi-robot systems
Modeling and analysis of multi-robot systems
Tools that are relevant for multi-robot studies
Applications of multi-robot systems to real-world problems


Other Related Areas

Collective intelligence
Service science
P2P, Grid computing
Financial markets and algorithm trades
Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence
Programming Languages
Knowledge and Data Intensive Systems
Perceptive Animated Interfaces
Tools and Standards
Ubiquitous Software Services
Virtual Humans