The best faucets to practice save on the water bill

We present some models that besides being very aesthetic will allow you to save at the end of the month due to its characteristics, since they offer a responsible consumption

It seems like an easy task but if you look at something beyond the design and the way they have, choosing a faucet can turn out to be a real headache, especially if you also want to save at the end of the month on the water bill. It is a fact that inside the kitchen, two of the areas that we use most are induction plates and on the other hand the sink, that place where liquids are evacuated. Precisely because it is a part that we use every day, it is recommended that the tap is comfortable, effective and also offers a responsible consumption. There are a wide variety of types of Pull Out faucets, and most of them you can find with great offers , but we will detail you some that we believe will be your faithful allies in that difficult task of saving on the expenses of the house. Take note!

1. With washers or without washers

If you consider this aspect you should know the faucets ball since these types of faucets have always been the most used since they were the first who did not wear washers. They are characterized by having a kind of plastic or metal ball inside the tap body itself which controls the flow and temperature of the water from inner chambers. On the other hand they only have a handle that moves on the rotating ball at the base of the outlet of the jet stream. They are most recommended for those who prefer that their taps do not use gums. In this feature we also highlight the cartridge and disk taps.

2. Caño

According to the pipe there are also different faucets. Thus you can distinguish between the high pipe, the low pipe, and finally the embedded. The essential difference between the three exist in the position of the pipe. The most recommended are the high pipe because it will allow us to have enough space between the sink and the faucet to be able to fill tall pots or have the hole up dishes. Normally for the spouts of high spout there are also also other variants such as the flip-up, which can be folded in the direction of the sink or the worktop to avoid clogging. As an extra, a good option if you look at the spout when choosing the faucet you might also opt for a removable spout as it will allow you to pull the spout from the tap to the point you need to fill,

3. Practice System of consumption

If you want to save then we certainly recommend a thermostatic faucet as it is the most noticeable at the end of the month. This system allows direct control of both the temperature and the flow, allowing even decrease water loss by not controlling the temperature from the boiler. On the other hand it is comfortable and has an ECO position, which allows only the water that is required to be exited, so you will save even more. Finally you can also choose with different types of spray like spray, laminate or aerated, something that in addition to functional will bring a unique style to your sink.